The virtual CFO

The virtual CFO Virtual CFO services for start-ups and SMEs can help them organise their finances at one-third the cost of a full-time CFO A typical entrepreneur, while building his business, faces several challenges on an ongoing basis, especially with respect to finance. One of the key challenges is ensuring positive cash flow. Besides cash … More The virtual CFO

Forensic Accounting

Forensic Accounting Contrary to popular belief, ‘forensic’ has nothing to do with death. ‘Forensic’ means being able to meet the exacting standards of a court of law (thus forensic science, forensic psychiatry, forensic climatology etc.). Some forensic accountants’ primary skills include an understanding of the legal process; how to conduct investigations; conducting financial analyses and … More Forensic Accounting

To add value to boardrooms, women must understand dynamics of business & industry

Women desirous of entering the boardroom of companies as independent directors must understand the dynamics of business, working of the industry, learn about industry’s perspective and must be prepared to ask questions and speak their mind to add value to boardroom discussions.’to-add-value-to-boardrooms,-women-must-understand-dynamics-of-business-and-industry’/3-10806.go

E-tailing –Where are the profits?

Today in the ecommerce wave, every startup enthusiast and private equity supplier wants to bite a pie of the online business model. The attractive projections from the discounted cash flow model spreadsheets and dashboards bombarded with colorful excel charts are mouth -watering and hold promises of the sky. Everybody wants to be the next Amazon, … More E-tailing –Where are the profits?

Know how these 10 Indian-born entrepreneurs are ruling the corporate world!

Indian-born Sundar Pichai has been named as the Chief Executive Officer of Google. Rumours were in the air for quite sometimes that Twitter wanted to hire him but Google played well in retaining him; their noble intentions are out in the open now! Here’s a list of Indians who have made it big in the … More Know how these 10 Indian-born entrepreneurs are ruling the corporate world!

Leadership Trait

Leadership is a trait that is much sought after in our world. It is sometimes mentioned that only 5% of the people act as leaders and the remaining one are just followers. However, if we go deep into these notions and statements, it is felt that every leader require followers and without a follower, there … More Leadership Trait