4 Skills Required For Success

A study of successful entrepreneurs is really a study of successful people.

Actually, it’s a study of successful relationships. The world is built on good and bad relationships. Good relationships are worth striving for because you can usually get something you want from them. The other person in the relationship wins, too. Trades and deals leave both parties feeling happy. That’s what you’re aiming for.

Bad relationships don’t do *quite* as well for both parties. Usually just one. But still, bad blood makes the world go round. War is a multi-trillion dollar business globally. So even when someone is having seven shades of you-know-what leathered out of them, someone, somewhere, is getting rich. What a lovely species we are!

Relationships – good and bad – can be lucrative. But I don’t suggest you try to make a business, career or fortune out of being a war-mongering tyrant. Or servicing the war-mongering tyrant market in some way. Yes, there’s money in it. But you need to be able to look your kids in the eye, right?



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